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Go To Services Launches Commercial TI at New Phoenix Headquarters

Let The Demo Begin It certainly didn't take long after we got the keys for our Commercial Project Manager, Stephen Ritz, to setup a table as his office at the empty 13,000 square foot space just North of the Deer Valley Airport.  Go To Services has grown substantially since opening in 2015 and is now home to 70 employees (and 2 dogs) that are very eager for the move to a much more accommodating office building. Holly Kelty is currently finalizing interior finish selections with the help of Jill Meyer Design while Jesus Carrillo is leading the crew which has just wrapped up the demo phase. Now That Our TI Project Is Underway, Let's Celebrate! On Friday, May 31st, Bill and Holly Kelty invited the entire company out to see the new office location for the first time and visualize the future of Go To Services. Bill made excellent use of the scissor lift by using it as a podium and addressing the company as a whole with words of gratitude and optimism for every employee. I don't get to tell you all as much as I want to, but we really appreciate you, and if it weren't for you then we wouldn't be here.  I'm just the facilitator, but you're the ones that make it happen.  So, Thank You! BBQ, Music, Prizes, and Laughs It was late in the day, but certainly too early to go home, especially when there's barbecue.  Dutch, Bill and Holly raffled prizes (many tools along with a super soaker or two) while some of the guys brought in their guitars and played.  The Go To Services team sure knows how to make the most of being paid to have a good time. Now time to get back to work... Grand Opening and Open House are soon to come! Project Gallery Project Details 13,000 Total Square Feet (Approximately) 3,000 sq ft Office Tenant Improvement (Approximately) 10,000 sq ft Warehouse (Approximately) Looking For a Career Opportunity With a Growing Construction Company Where You Can Standout and Make a Difference? Join The Go To Team! GoToServices.net/Careers/
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Go To Services is Back To School While the Kids Are On Summer Break

Go To Services Helps Keep Schools Clean and Cool Our friends at Pueblo Mechanical have asked us to team up with them again on multiple school HVAC projects this summer. We prep the work areas, remove and reset ceiling grids, patch drywall, paint, and ensure that the buildings are seamlessly clean on the way out while Pueblo Mechanical keeps the school cool. Project Gallery Project Details   *  Protect Floor *  Cover Building Contents *  Remove & Reset Ceiling Grid (for Mechanical Repairs) *  Patch Drywall *  Painting *  Final Cleaning Looking For a Career Opportunity With a Growing Construction Company Where You Can Standout and Make a Difference? Join The Go To Team! GoToServices.net/Careers/
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Car Smashes Circle K, Go To Services Performs Emergency Cleanup…Coffee Served By 4 AM

Vehicle Impact Emergency Service and Property Damage Repair in Phoenix, AZ Go To Services recently responded to an after hours emergency service call due to an out of control vehicle that drove into the center of a Circle K store in Phoenix. Luckily, no one was said to be hurt by the vehicle impact that shattered the storefront glass and smashed into the snack-filled shelves.  However, the 24 hour minimart had to temporarily shut down that evening while emergency services were performed. Go To Services has been been performing routine maintenance repairs and installing new shelving systems in the back storage area of hundreds of Circle K stores this year, but this late night call was anything but routine.  Circle K stores can be a busy place at anytime, but having the coffee station ready for their morning customers was imperative to our client. We're proud to say that our emergency restoration team was up to the challenge and had the store reopened by 4:00 AM. Great Job Tim, Summer, and Jesus! Circle K Team Meeting Commercial Account Manager, Timothy Longo, has been integral to building a great relationship with Circle K and leading our team on so many retail refresh projects, along with this emergency service call. Summer Simmons and Jesus Carrillo have done a fantastic job supporting the high volume and sometimes logistical challenges of this regional account (with Circle K stores seemingly on every city block in Phoenix and all over Arizona). We're very grateful for the client relationship we have with Circle K and are proud to be their 24 hour Go To contractor. Project Gallery Project Details Approximate Timeline 9:45 PM  Car crashes into Circle K store 10:00 PM  Go To Services is called 10:30 PM  Go To Services is on site *  Assess damage to store and inventory *  Discard damaged items *  Thorough sweep of broken glass *  Inspect and test coffee equipment *  Final clean 4:00 AM  Store reopens Looking For a Career Opportunity With a Growing Construction Company Where You Can Standout and Make a Difference? Join The Go To Team! GoToServices.net/Careers/
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A “Life Changing” Master Bathroom Remodel

Go To Services and Jill Meyer Design team up on a very special master bathroom remodeling project in Phoenix. Jill Meyer is a fellow member of the Coldwell Banker Concierge program, which assists some of the top residential realtors in the valley.  We feel very fortunate to have gotten to know her over the past few months through our affiliation and ultimately be invited to help her with a renovation project for a dear neighbor of hers in need of an ADA accessible bathroom. The project narrative that we received, along with the plans from Jill, showed an impressive level of compassion for her client and really provided our team with a beautifully shared vision.  It was immediately clear that the 'Master Bath Transformation for Sharon Bailey' project was going to provide this homeowner with so much more than a luxury, but a truly better quality of life that so many would take for granted. Here's what Jill wrote: With a yearning desire for independence and basic grooming needs, our client came to us with a dream of using a shower once again after years of hospital type sponge bathing.  Her current facilities were dangerous and inaccessible.  She is in frail condition from the debilitating disease of Polio and a bad femur break that left her permanently in a walker, which wouldn’t even fit through the old doorway.  Creating an adaptive bathroom that would accommodate her needs was the highest priority.  Not only safe and efficient but beautiful, even spa like was the driving theme.  Utilizing her existing vanity and tying-in the current flooring we used neutral tones in the new tile, metals and paint to flow the old with the new.  The custom walk-in shower will make it easy for her to enter and exit.  A dressing bench with towel shelf makes the experience seamless.  Lastly, all shower controls and grab bars are conveniently lowered and located to limit excessive movement.  Happiness will await her in this welcoming new master bathroom. The final touch-ups were completed last month, and we couldn't be more proud of this project.  Thank you again to both Sharon and Jill for inviting our team to be a part of this experience, and allowing us the opportunity to share the lasting image of Sharon's smile. Project Gallery Project Details 24sf Added to the Master Bath Fixtures and Grab Bars: Moen (Nickel) Lighting: Possino Euro Midtown…
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The Joint Chiropractic is Now Open in Flagstaff

The Joint Chiropractic is Now Open in Flagstaff Go To Services just completed a full commercial tenant improvement project for our friends at The Joint Chiropractic in Flagstaff.  Visit today to find your relief, and check out our work! The Joint Chiropractic - Flagstaff 2700 S Woodlands Village Blvd Ste. 440 Flagstaff, AZ 86001 (928) 433-2408 Project Gallery
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5 New Year’s Resolutions For Your Property To Help Improve Its Value

Go To Services wishes you joy and prosperity in 2019! As many people may be considering New Year's Resolutions pertaining to Happiness, Health, Love, and Finances; HERE ARE 5 NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTIONS FOR YOUR PROPERTY TO HELP IMPROVE IT'S VALUE: Remodeling a kitchen or bathroom can be a big investment, but can also provide a great return when it's time to sell.  Go To Services is a preferred vendor to many of the top Arizona home builders (handling their punch list items and home warranty repairs) because we have an eye for quality and provide a number of skilled trades in-house.  We would love to offer our experience and knowledge of with the latest builder trends to your remodeling project. Painting the exterior of a property can make an immediate impact to improve the curb appeal, but it may often first require repairs to stucco, wood, or metal.  It's always a good idea to call Go To Services because we currently have 60+ specialty skilled employees so that we can maintain our standards of high quality and help keep projects more affordable by employing a variety of in-house trades.  By the way...we also provide drywall repair and interior painting too! Popcorn Ceiling Removal - Did you know that asbestos is still often found in popcorn ceiling texture in homes built after 1978?  Go To Services can help by safely submitting any suspicious building materials that need to be tested, then our in-house teams can provide any necessary asbestos abatement along with drywall texturing and interior painting to freshen up the room. Mold Remediation - Nothing turns off a home buyer faster than the smell of mold!  Leaky pipes, shower enclosures, and roofs all allow water to penetrate building materials and start growing mold.  Slow leaks are often the worst because they may go undetected for a long period of time, so be sure to Request a Free Estimate and Mold Inspection before you open any walls yourself and potentially cross-contaminate the home. Property Maintenance and Repairs - Fixing what you already have is never a fun project to look forward to, but Go To Services can help make these projects easier and more affordable.  We're able to help with multiple property repair needs such as block wall repair, gate repair, stucco repair, drywall repair, painting, welding, cabinetry, door hardware replacement, roofing repair and more! We're Also a Good Idea to…
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Why Hire a Pro to Remove Smoke Damage

You should consider hiring a pro to remove smoke odor. After a fire, there is a lot to consider. You may need to find a temporary place to stay. You’ll have to contact your insurance agency. Then, you’ll have to start to clean up the smoke damage. This is a huge undertaking, and you’re probably pretty stressed out and emotional. Perhaps you should consider hiring a professional to remove the smoke odor. In this post, we’ll examine the reasons for hiring a professional as opposed to doing it yourself. Smoke Residue is Harmful A fire is extremely traumatizing and frightening experience. You have a million things going through your mind. Even though your house may be standing and structurally sound, it can still be damaged by smoke. Smoke residue is damaging to your home and it’s contents, but more importantly, it can be damaging to your health. It’s important to allow an expert team to completely sanitize your home to avoid the adverse effects of smoke damage. Fixing the Smoke Damage After smoke has damaged your items, you may think that you’re facing a total loss. That isn’t always the case! Smoke damage removal experts are equipped with chemicals, tools, and experience that can result in your cherished items being restored to their original beauty or functionality without the expensive cost of total replacement. Going Deep with Smoke Odor Removal While you may have some success removing visible smoke damage, you could miss areas that aren’t so obvious. This could lead to permanent damage to your home and items within. An experienced professional will do a complete cleaning of the entire structure of your home, clean furniture and restore contents, remove the smoke odor from your items, and then clean the air in your home with high quality air scrubbers. Let Us Save You the Time and Stress While a fire and the work involved in putting it out, may have damaged your home, the world outside keeps spinning. You may have to go to work or school, and maintain as normal a life as possible. Beyond the time that cleaning your home and its contents can consume, it may also serve as a painful reminder of the smoke damage done to your precious belongings. Hiring a professional to remove smoke damage will allow you to maintain your lifestyle, and focus on getting back to normal. A fire can be…
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Flood Cleanup and Water Damage Repair in Phoenix

How to Find the Best Flood Cleanup and Water Damage Repair Company in Phoenix There comes a time in which your home or business may be subject to a flood. Whether it is caused by bad weather or a pipe that breaks, it is important to have the best flood cleanup and water damage repair company possible to recover from this incident.Professional flood cleanup and water damage repair services offer more than just their expertise, equipment and timely services. They provide the type of flood damage restoration service that can save your home or commercial property from further damage due to structural compromise, mold and mildew. However, sifting through the various flood cleanup companies can be a chore unless you know what to look for in terms of their services. It pays to spend just a little time looking today in order to avoid waiting until disaster strikes. By having the number of the best water damage repair company at your fingertips, you will not only save time, but also have a little more peace of mind as well. The Qualities of the Best Flood Cleanup and Water Damage Repair Company  There are a number of qualities that you will need to take into account when choosing the right flood damage restoration cleaners for your home of office. License & Insurance: All flood cleanup and water damage repair companies must be licensed by the local authorities which mean that they follow all the laws, rules and regulations that govern their services. In addition, being insured means that if an accident should occur on your property, you are not left holding the bad in terms of paying any damages. Do not choose a flood damage restoration service unless they are fully licensed and insured. Reputation: You can check the reputation of a company by looking up customer reviews of their services. While even the best companies will have a few negative reviews, you are looking for a pattern which may indicate the type of service that you will receive. Avoid companies that have generated a negative approach such as late arrival, poor customer service and hidden or surprise fees. Location: All things considered, this may be one of the most overlooked as their timely arrival will be tied to how  close they are to your home. A flood cleanup and water damage repair company that is on the other side of…
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Go To Services Restores Kitchen Fire Damage in Phoenix

Phoenix Fire Damage Restoration Fires happen quite often. Families can be displaced and valuables lost forever in the matter of minutes. Luckily your home owners insurance has coverage for such a loss, and the fast response team at Go To Services are there to help guide you through these tragic disasters. If you need professional fire damage restoration in Phoenix, call us first, and we will be there with you every step of the way! Call Go To Services for Fire Damage Restoration in Phoenix
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